Regulations for Graduate Study — Types of Graduate Courses

Lecture (HY 500-598) 3 hours.

The Director of Graduate Studies must approve all requests for graduate students in History to enroll in a 500-level course. Permission will be granted in compelling cases only.

Thesis Research (HY 599) 1-6 hours.

Students working on a master’s thesis must enroll for a total of six hours of this course.

Historiography (HY 601-605) 4 hours.

Courses designed to acquaint students with some of the major historiographical works in a given field. Open only to a limited number of graduate students (15 maximum) and meeting once a week for two and a half hours. Expect a heavy load of reading and writing. Two courses of this type, in different geographic areas, are required of all graduate students.

Graduate Readings Courses (Proseminars) (HY 606-650) 4 hours.

Advanced graduate readings courses centered on a particular theme or field. Expect a heavy load of reading and writing. Open only to limited number of graduate students (15 maximum) and meeting once a week for two and a half hours.

History Research Seminar 3 hours.

Required Spring semester course for all students beginning the process of writing seminar papers. Course will focus on the research and writing process, and will result in a robust paper proposal and robust annotated bibliography for the seminar paper project.

History Colloquium (HY 665) 4 hours.

Required course for all incoming M.A. and Ph.D. students to be taken in Fall of their first year. Students are introduced to historiographical theory and method and the professional study of history.

Directed Study (HY 697-698) 1-4 hours.

Independent study courses that involve either reading (HY 697) or research (HY 698). Students must receive the permission of the instructor to enroll and must in conjunction with the instructor write a directed study contract that must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.

A student entering earning his or her first graduate degree in history at The University of Alabama may count a maximum of 4 hours of credit in HY 697 toward that degree; an additional 2 hours may be counted toward the second graduate degree in history. Exception to this policy will require the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

Dissertation Research (HY 699) 3-12 hours.

Students working on dissertations must enroll continuously in this course for at least three hours per semester until the dissertation is successfully defended. Students must earn at least 24 hours of dissertation research credits to receive their Ph.D.

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