Academic Advising

Staying on Track with History

students walking in front of ten Hoor Hall

The Department of History takes advising our approximately 400 majors very seriously.

All sophomore, junior, and senior history majors are advised by tenured and tenure-track faculty in the department. Freshmen are advised by advisors in the College of Arts & Sciences, but are always welcome to meet with an advisor in the Department of History for additional information and assistance.

How Advising Works

Official advising happens 3-4 weeks BEFORE the start of registration for the upcoming semester. One week before advising starts, advisors email all History Majors, explaining how to register for advising. The Department of History’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Lucy Kaufman, sends reminder emails as well.

Prior to the advising meeting, students are expected to look at their progress on Degreeworks and choose courses from the upcoming course catalogue that will help them advance toward their degree (these can be accessed through myBama).

At the advising meeting, Majors explain to their advisors any issues they are experiencing. They review the student’s plan for the coming semester and the advisor answers any questions that may arise. Once the session is completed, the student and the advisor sign the required forms, clearing the student to register.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

Students should first contact their assigned advisor with questions. Further issues can always be directed to Dr. Lucy Kaufman, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, at