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Building Your Resume: How History Can Help: Check out this page to learn how the UA history department helps its students prepare for life after graduation through internships, mentoring, research experience, and more.

What Can You Do with a Degree in History?: What kinds of jobs can you get with a history degree, anyway? How will a history major help you build a career? Read What Can You Do with a Degree in History? to find out.

Links and Contacts for Specific Career Goals

Career Center: The UA Career Center works with students at any point in their careers, from choosing a major to beginning a job search. The Center also hosts career fairs and utilizes Handshake, a job and internship platform, to connect students, alumni, and employers. The center also facilitates on-campus interviewing and information sessions to recruiters interested in recruiting at the Capstone. For more information, visit the Career Center’s website or download the current Career Guide.

Graduate School: Dr. Dan Riches, the Department of History’s graduate director, is the best contact here.

Law School: UA has a fantastic pre-law program, and they can help you with everything you need, from start to finish.

Secondary Education: UA’s Secondary Social Science Education program is dedicated to training teachers, and many of our undergraduates chose this career path. Also remember that there are networks of private schools who are looking for teachers, and who do not always have the same requirements as the public school system.

Museum Work: Dr. Bill Bomar is the director of the new UA Museum Studies certificate. Keep an eye out for the course he teaches in Museum Studies every spring.

Library Science: We have two historians on campus who have also earned graduate degrees in Library Science: Karly Johnson and Alex Boucher. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have about this exciting field, which integrates traditional library skills with all of the revolutionary changes underway in information technology and digital humanities. Both are eager to help and are currently compiling a list of resources for those interested in learning more about their field.

MBA Programs: Prof. Arthur Allaway, in the Culverhouse College of Business, is a great contact for anyone interested in marketing and similar business fields. We have had a number of recent graduates who have fared will in the business field. In fact, the MBA program eagerly accepts applicants from history.

Videos about Careers in History

Daniel Riches – How to Apply to Graduate School from The Department of History on Vimeo.

Ambassador Lino Gutierrez | Jobs in Government from UA College of Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.

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