Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program

History peer mentor logo. Includes a quill and the words "History Peer Mentoring."

The Department of History’s Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program is comprised of undergraduate students who excelled in their history survey courses and wish to help share what they learned in order to help their fellow students be successful in their history courses, too. The program’s services are offered at no cost to students.

What the Peer Mentoring Program Does

The Peer Mentoring Program is a how-to group that focuses on the process of taking a history survey course (100 level courses). Here are some of the things you can learn in Peer Mentoring Program sessions:

  • How to write a historical essay
  • How to develop a thesis statement
  • How to take notes and study efficiently
  • How to manage time and study strategy
  • How to prepare for an exam

Peer Mentors are not a material-based study group. They are not TAs. Peer Mentors are undergraduate students who are willing to help other students succeed. For specific class requirements, please consult your TA or professor.

Special Meetings

Typically, Peer Mentors have study groups focusing on class material near exams or essay due dates. These are based on demand, set up at a special date/time, and are mostly student-led. The peer mentors are simply there as guides.

One-on-one mentoring is available. If you can’t meet at our regularly scheduled time or prefer smaller meetings, please contact us. We can set up a separate, more convenient meeting to help you personally.

Study groups and one-on-one mentoring are available via Zoom during the COVID-19 emergency. Contact historymentors@ua.edu for dates, times, and meeting links.

For more information, email historymentors@ua.edu.