Public History – Undergraduate Students

About the Program

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At the undergraduate level, History majors may add a 12-hour concentration in Public History to their degree. The concentration is embedded within the major and designed to allow students to pursue additional training without delaying their time-to-degree. As part of the concentration, students build professional skills in oral history, digital history, historical editing, historical research and interpretation for public audiences, and community engagement. They may customize the concentration, too, to acquire training in other, allied disciplines: Anthropology, Communication, Museum Studies, Geography, and more. Before completing their degree, students will intern in a public history venue of their choice to hone and apply professional skills. See the full concentration requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Undergraduates may take classes sponsored by the award-winning Summersell Center for the Study of the South and Dr. John Giggie; work for the student-run Crimson Historical Review; and train with a dynamic faculty who bridge classroom experience with creative public-facing projects.

What Courses Are Required?

Download the Major Checklist with Concentration in Public History (PDF).

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

Students interested in enrolling, or learning more about the program, may contact Dr. Julia Brock for an appointment.

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