Regulations for Graduate Study – Advising and Orientation


The Director of Graduate Studies is the academic advisor for all master’s students. Master’s students will meet with the Director of Graduate Studies for mandatory advising appointments during the advising period each semester.

Ph.D. students are advised by the professor directing their dissertation or, in his or her absence, the Director of Graduate Studies. Together they draw up a plan of study, course of research, and eventually writing schedule. The student shall meet with his or her advisor at least once during each subsequent semester before registering for courses, and once each year the advisor shall submit an evaluation of the student’s progress to the Director of Graduate Studies. A copy of this report will placed in the student’s file in the Department of History’s office, and will form part of the information used in consideration for future funding. A change in the student’s assigned advisor may be made upon request to the Director of Graduate Studies.


The Director of Graduate Studies will meet with all incoming graduate students in an orientation meeting held before the beginning of fall classes to explain degree requirements, departmental regulations, and recent policy changes. Each August the Graduate School provides a required workshop for all new Graduate Teaching Assistants during the week before classes begin.

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