Regulations for Graduate Study – Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit

Courses of full graduate-level credit earned at an accredited institution where a student was enrolled in the graduate school may be submitted for review for inclusion in a History degree program. Evaluation of credit for transfer will not be made until the student has completed one semester of coursework at the Graduate School of The University of Alabama. Acceptance of credit requires the approval of the student’s advisor, the Director of Graduate Studies in History (in possible conjunction with the Graduate Committee of the Department of History), and the Dean of the Graduate School. Credit will not be accepted for transfer from any institution at which the student failed to achieve a “B” average on all the graduate work attempted. Only courses in which a student earned a “B” grade or better may be transferred. No credits can be transferred from professional graduate programs such as law school.

A student initiates the request for evaluation of graduate credit obtained at another institution at the Office of the Graduate School. It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure that the Office of the Graduate School receives an official transcript of the credit concerned. All credit toward the M.A. degree must have been earned during the six years immediately preceding the date on which the degree is awarded. All transfer credit to be applied toward the Ph.D. must have been earned in the six years immediately preceding admission to the doctoral program.

The Department of History ordinarily allows the transfer of 6 semester hours of credit toward the M.A. degree, although in exceptional cases up to 12 hours may be accepted. No more than one-half of Ph.D. coursework hours (does not include HY 699) may be transferred from another institution.

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