Regulations for Graduate Study — Graduate Student Office

Graduate Student Office

All graduate students in the Department of History have access to the Graduate Student Office (ten Hoor 223.) The office contains each graduate student’s official departmental mailbox, desks for student use (NOTE: the desks are there for everybody, and students are not to claim a specific desk as their own for the year!) and bookshelves that can accommodate a modest amount of students’ books. Cabinets to house Graduate Teaching Assistants’ materials for their courses in any given semester are also located in the office (GTAs are asked to clear out all such materials at the end of each semester.) The office also provides computers, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and a coffee maker that are all available for student use.

The office is intended to be a quiet, professional space for graduate students to relax and do academic work. Any conversations or other forms of behavior that might stretch beyond the expanse of quiet and professional in terms of volume, content matter, or levels of animation should find a more appropriate home elsewhere. Students who consistently abuse this stipulation will no longer be able to use the Graduate Student Office. GTAs should also hold their office hours in the designated location rather than in the Graduate Student Office.

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