Regulations for Graduate Study – General Information

Graduate Programs

There are three degree programs in History:

  • M.A., Plan I (24 hours in History plus 6 hours of thesis)
  • M.A., Plan II (30 hours in History plus revised seminar paper)
  • Ph.D. degree

Requirements and other information pertaining to these degree programs may be found in the Graduate School Catalog and in the following pages. Important additional information is available at the Graduate School’s website.

The Graduate Committee

The Graduate Committee is a standing departmental committee composed of members of the Graduate Faculty. Its responsibilities include the periodic review of requirements for admission to graduate degree programs and all matters pertaining to those programs. The Graduate Committee recommends students for admission and nominates students for awards, scholarships, fellowships, and teaching assistantships. Requests for any relaxation or departure from the general degree requirements must be addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies, who in turn consults with the Graduate Committee. Requests requiring an exception to Graduate School policy must be approved by the Graduate School.

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