Slow Art Day 2023: Of Canals, AfroFuturism & Empire

Join Dr. Sharony Green and students from her HY 103, 104, and 306 courses for Slow Art Day 2023 at the Gorgas House Museum. This year’s exhibit is entitled, “Of Canals, AfroFuturism & Empire.”

º Slow Art Day pop-up installation 1-3 PM, April 14, 2023
º Visual Component online April 15, 2023

Slowly digest images of William Crawford Gorgas visiting the Panama Canal; a digital mash up of the 1927 motion picture Metropolis (the first sci-fi film); a Janelle Monae video; and recast student haikus in tribute to our shared past and future via sci-fi writer Octavia Butler.

Special thanks to students enrolled in American Civilization and American Swagger courses taught by Dr. Sharony Green, The University of Alabama Department of History, Dr. John Beeler, Dr. John Ratliff, Rachel Marsh, Brandon Thompson, and Rebecca Johnson.