Department Professors Participate in Commemoration of WWI Centennial

This image shows all three profs speaking.
Left-to-Right: Dr. John Beeler, Dr. Harold Selesky, Dr. Andrew Huebner

On Friday, April 14, History Department Professors Harold Selesky, John Beeler, and Andrew Huebner spoke on topics related to the First World War.  The event, sponsored by the Department of History, the US Army Crimson Tide ROTC, Battalion, and the USAF Detachment 010, was held to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of American entry into the conflict.

Dr. Beeler spoke about the war as a watershed moment in world history, and detailed its environmental, technological, and political legacies.

Dr. Huebner examined the American involvement and the connections between familial and national duty through the lens of George Waring Huston, a soldier from Alabama whose papers are held in Hoole Special Collections.

Dr. Selesky’s talk focused on how understandings of warfare changed during the conflict, as the combatants fought a war that was starkly different than those that had come before.