Department Moves all Instruction Online in Response to COVID-19 Emergency

This is a student working on a laptop computer.The department has joined the rest of The University of Alabama (and most of the nation) in moving all instruction online in response to ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

In early March, university administration informed faculty and staff to prepare for alternative instruction methods if necessary and ordered a review of our academic continuity plans. The department responded rapidly. Undergraduate Director Dr. Margaret Peacock organized a Zoom and online pedagogy roundtable training session with Dr. John Ratliff, the department’s instructor in UA Early College, a predominantly online program, before Spring Break.

That training has continued via email, Zoom, and text, as faculty work to develop online course offerings that are both stimulating and rigorous.The College of Arts & Science’s Office of eTech, UA’s Center for Instructional Technology, and the Academic Outreach division in the College of Continuing Studies are all offering outside assistance to faculty during this transition.

Summer courses will be available online. The 2020 Summer at Oxford Program has been cancelled for this year.

Despite these challenges, the department remains open for business and we are eager to assist students. Please use the following contact information to assure the quickest response:

For more information about UA’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit