Department Hosts Documentary Crew to Discuss Public History and the Media

Hope and Fury directors meet with students over lunch.

Earlier this semester, Drs. John Giggie and Julia Brock hosted the documentary crew Phil Bertelsen and Rachel Dretzin for a free lunch and discussion on their recent film, Hope and Fury: MLK, the Movement and the Media. Students discussed the project and Bertelsen’s and Dretzin’s respective career paths, as well as how they too could join the film and media world as historians. Documentary film work is another facet of the growing world of public history, a field which we in the Department of History are excited to help students explore through classes and internships.

For more information on getting involved in public history, check in with our public historian, Dr. Julia Brock.

Thank you for speaking with our students, Phil Bertelsen and Rachel Dretzin! We can’t wait to see what projects lie in your futures.