Dan Vivian Talks Public History with Students

Dan Vivian talks with students and facultyDr. Dan Vivian, Director of Historic Preservation at the University of Kentucky, visited campus this spring to deliver a talk, “The Future of Public History,” and host a lunch-and-learn event. In these talks, he discussed the results of a multi-year study on public history employment from the Joint Task Force on Public History Education and Employment. Vivian also spoke with our students about the growing world of Public History, a field that seeks to create historical narratives that are accessible to the general public; public historians may work with museums, documentary film crews, monument designers, historic home-and-business-owners, and municipal, state, or federal governments in order to produce, present, and protect historical assets. The Department has a growing set of resources for students interested in public history. For more information, consider taking a course with or contacting our own public historian, Dr. Julia Brock. Additionally, check out our Instagram page, which features a highlight story on Dr. Vivian’s two events.

Thank you for visiting campus Dr. Vivian! Our students loved learning more about your work.