Careers for History Majors Luncheon Held

On Monday, February 27, the Department of History hosted a luncheon for those history majors thinking about the job market and possible careers. The UA Career Center’s Tiffany Goodin spoke about how to translate marketable skills learned in history classes into a job or career. Pamela Derrick, the Director of Experiential Learning, also attended, and suggested ways for history majors to translate their in-class learning into the real world, and how extracurricular experiences could influence career preparation. Finally, faculty and students engaged in an informal conversation about choosing a career path and the ways in which knowledge of history could prepare students for a wide variety of fields.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

Tiffany Goodin (right) speaks with graduate students and faculty.
L to R: Professor James Mixson, Pamela Derrick, and Ed Bridges