Careers for History Majors Luncheon Held

On Monday, February 27, the Department of History hosted a luncheon for those history majors thinking about the job market and possible careers. The UA Career Center’s Tiffany Goodin spoke about how to translate marketable skills learned in history classes into a job or career. Pamela Derrick, the Director of Experiential Learning, also attended, and […]

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Dr. Joshua Rothman Embraces New Role as Department Chair

The History Department is pleased to announce our new Department Chair, Dr. Joshua Rothman. As Chair, he serves as the official liaison between the department and the university administration, assisting with schedule creation, budgeting, and communication between students, faculty, and the dean’s office. Dr. Rothman hopes to see the the undergraduate program expand during his […]

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Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Anne Avera Create Scholarship for History Majors & Minors

A generous donation from Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Anne Avera created the Department of History’s first scholarships for History majors and minors. Mr. Avera graduated from The University of Alabama in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts in History.  He has asked that the scholarships be named in honor of Dr. Howard Jones, from whom […]

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