Undergraduates Launch Crimson Historical Review

Crimson Historical Review LogoHistory majors have launched the Crimson Historical Review (CHR), an undergraduate research journal. The idea for the journal started in Dr. Margaret Peacock’s undergraduate research seminar. Her students were reviewing one of the few undergraduate historical research journals in the United States and concluded that they could do it better. Peacock and students Jodi Vadinsky and Warren Martin formed an editorial review board, creating the CHR, the second undergraduate research journal in the SEC. The CHR offers undergraduate authors the opportunity to publish original, peer-reviewed research covering any historical topic.

Students serving on the CHR’s review board practice peer-editing and critical thinking, gaining experience with the publishing process, layout design, and journal production. They also learned copy editing and other post-production skills through workshops conducted by The University of Alabama Press. The review board is open to all majors, providing participants skills and abilities useful in any career.

The CHR provides undergraduates the opportunity to publish original research. Articles are peer reviewed and copy edited in order to ensure that the journal publishes pieces of high scholarly quality. In addition to publishing student research, each edition will a feature interview, beginning with an interview of Dr. Howard Jones.

Ultimately, the CHR’s goal is to spotlight the undergraduate research being done at Alabama and across the nation. In 2020, the CHR will be open to submissions from outside the UA community. Submission guidelines can be found on the CHR website. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

To learn more about the Crimson Historical Review, submitting a paper, joining the editorial board, or supporting the CHR financially, visit https://crimsonhistorical.ua.edu/ or email  crimsonhistorical@ua.edu. Follow their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.