The UA at Oxford Program

The UA at Oxford program has been one of the University’s premier study abroad offerings for more than 35 years. UA at Oxford, under the auspices of UA Education Abroad, is run jointly by the history and English departments, with additional support from the Honors College. Directorship of the program alternates every two years between history and English, with the off-year department having the opportunity to send one faculty member to teach in the program.


The program offers six courses to roughly thirty-five undergraduates who are housed, along with the traveling faculty, in Worcester College, Oxford, for the month of July, what our university designates as Summer II.

Courses are broad in scope, designed to attract undergraduates to what is an expensive summer study program. There are typically three English courses, two history courses, and one honors course, taught by a mix of UA faculty and Oxford-resident instructors.

A particular feature of the program over the years has been the way in which coursework is integrated with on-site education. Excursions to London, Canterbury, Dover, and Portsmouth (and extensively around Oxford) give students the chance to see physical locations relevant to their coursework.

Students interested in participating should visit the UA at Oxford homepage.