Undergraduate Anna Kate Manchester Wins Fulbright Award

Anna Kate Manchester profile image.By complete happenstance, senior Anna Kate Manchester scrolled through her barrage of emails when she noticed a message about a Canadian study abroad opportunity through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Though Canada had never been at the forefront of her mind, Manchester was intrigued by the thousands of research opportunities the program offered, specifically projects involving her interests in international law and human rights. Excited by the possibilities, she applied. Three months later she received a congratulatory e-mail notification that she would be conducting research at McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario, with Dr. Nathan Andrews, comparing stakeholder engagement in the global north versus the global south.

Though research is at the forefront of this three-month internship, Manchester looks forward to experiencing Canadian culture. “One thing I can’t stop talking about is poutine!,” she said with a laugh.

“I’m going to be about an hour away from Toronto, and I’ve heard it is very diverse and multi-cultural. I’m excited about being on campus at one of the best research universities in Canada, but also being in close proximity to such an international city.”