UA Faculty and Students Present at University of Montevallo’s Civic Institute

Giggie and crew at the panel
Dr. John Giggie, Margaret Lawson, Isabella Garrison, Maigen Sullivan, and Dr. Hilary Green

Last week our faculty and students participated in the annual David Mathews Center for Civic Life‘s  Civic Institute in Montevallo. The panel, organized by Dr. John Giggie and titled “Geographical Imaginations: The Role of Recuperative Storytelling in Southern History and Memory,” explored the transformative potential in little-known, marginalized, and difficult pasts.

Panel participants included two UA History majors: Margaret Lawson, who discussed her work on “History of Us,” a course that trains Central High School students to become producers of history as they contend with legacies of racial violence in Alabama, and Isabella Garrison, who spoke about her work with Invisible Histories Project, which preserves and shares southern LGBTQ history. The panel also included Dr. Hilary Green of Gender and Race Studies, who focused on her work to research and implement a walking tour and digital humanities site about the history of slavery on UA’s campus, and Maigen Sullivan, a director of the Invisible Histories Project and community partner of Dr. Giggie and students.