Thank You to Our Patrons and the Friends of History

Logo for Patrons of the Department. Features Botticelli's Adoration of the Magi

Dr. Bianca L. Adair
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Avera
The Honorable Quentin Q. Brown Jr.
Mr. George B. Childress
Dr. Angela J. Cooley
Dr. Lesley J. Gordon
Dr. Jonathon W. Hooks
Ms. Samaria Johnson
Dr. Kari A. Frederickson
Dr. Michael J. Mendle
Dr. Robert F. Olin
Mr. Kevin Owsley
Mrs. Dawn Owsley
Mr. and Mrs. George Swindle

Image showing children in a circle holding hands with words "The Friends of History"

Mr. William Garnett (Bill) Anderson
Dr. Edwin C. Bridges
Mr. Paul W. Bryant,  Jr.
Mr. Tranum Fitzpatrick
Mr. Olin B. King
Dr. F. David Mathews
Mr. Chris McIlwain
Dr. Donald R. Noble
Mr. John T. Oliver, Jr.
Dr. Cathy Randall
Mr. Cleophus Thomas, Jr.
Dr. Earl Tilford

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