Thank You for Supporting “1867 in North America: Crisis on a Continent.”

Dr. Lesley J. Gordon

On November 1 2017, the History Department hosted “1867 in North America: Crisis on a Continent.”

Drs. Steven Bunker, Lesley J. Gordon, and Harold Selesky participated in this discussion of the sesquicentennial of the threefold political crisis that affected the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Dr. Steven Bunker

Dr. Gordon discussed issues surrounding Reconstruction, Dr. Selesky spoke about the confederation of Canada, and Dr. Bunker talked on the fall of the Second Empire of Mexico. The event drew parallels between trends in all three North American countries. Across the continent, the professors argued, Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans were continuing their experiments with liberal political frameworks and attempting to define how questions of democracy, diversity, and power would be answered.

Thank you to everyone who participated and came to the event!

Dr. Harold Selesky