Senior India Rose Cary to Apply Historical Skills as a Contracts Negotiator After Graduation

India Cary profile image.While taking Dr. Lawrence Cappello’s Right to Privacy course, Senior India Rose Cary realized she had a deep fascination with the subject of privacy and the complicated interaction between history, law, and daily life.

In this course, Cary learned that history should not just be studied for how it will impact the future but for its own sake as well. “While it is undoubtedly true that history can provide a great deal of insight into the contemporary and subsequent world,” Cary notes, “understanding the world as it has been is worthwhile in and of itself.”

Cary’s favorite time period to study is the Cold War. While studying abroad in Prague last semester, she saw firsthand the effect this era had on the human psyche.

“All of my professors in the Czech Republic, even the ones that were very young,” she said, “could provide a detailed account of their lives under the control of the Soviet Union, experiences that shaped their perspective of geopolitical relations today. The time period is my favorite to study not only because of its extensive and complex origins but also because of the influence it had on entire generations that will not soon be erased.”

Next year, the Louisville, Kentucky native will use the critical thinking, writing, and research skills she has gained as a history major in her full-time position as a Contracts Negotiator at Lockheed Martin Space, and she plans to attend law school in the near future.