Graduate Students Visit Pickensville Rosenwald School Museum

Museum staffer shows a screen with different images of the school.

Dr. Julia Brock and graduate students rounded out the semester with a trip to Pickensville Rosenwald School Museum.

Museum Board members, who are also alumni from Pickens County Rosenwald schools, gave a presentation on their work restoring the school (the only Rosenwald school left standing in the county) and collaboration with Dr. Kimberly Ransom of the University of Michigan on the creation of the museum.

Board members toured the museum with the students, telling their experiences in the schools and growing up in rural Alabama.

The museum is having an open house on June 18, and all are invited. Many thanks to Ms. Paulette Newberns, who helped organize the visit!

Students stand on the porch of the Rosenwald School.

Museum staffer shows students a display of school pictures of those who attended the Pickensville Rosenwald School.

Museum staffer shows display items to Mauren Schindler, a graduate student.

A key on display at the museum that lists the names of the graduates from the school.