GATE Students Visit Department

Elementary students sitting around a long table, listening to the profeessor talk.Last week, Dr. Teresa Cribelli welcomed third, fourth, and fifth graders from the Tuscaloosa County School System to ten Hoor Hall. Dr. Cribelli spoke to them about Brazilian history and culture, including Brazilian food and capoeira, the national martial art, and life as a university professor.

The students were part of the Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) Program. Mrs. Jodi Williams, a teacher with the program, noted that the children were learning about balances in world cultures and languages, and were focusing on aspects of performing arts, including different types of drumming around the world. The visit with Dr. Cribelli was part of a day-long visit to the university, designed to introduce the children to higher education and campus life.

We hope to see some of them back as freshman in a decade or so!