First Fall Session of the Military History Round Table to be Held Friday, Sept. 6

Three US Marines at Alcázar de Colon during the first US intervention in the Dominican Republic.

Mark Folse, a doctoral student at the University of Alabama, will be the featured presenter at first fall session of the History Department’s Military History Round Table, which will be held at 3:00 pm (CDT) in the Summersell Room.

His topic, “Damage Control: The Hispaniola Occupation’s Impact on the Marine Corps Image, 1915-1924,” explores the ways in which the US Marine Corps dealt with negative attention that resulted from their deployments to Hispaniola, particularly in light of their very favorable public image following their actions in France during WW I.

Folse will be presenting a revised version of this paper at the 2013 McMullen Naval History Symposium, at the United States Naval Academy.