Dreams of Dominion Conference a Success

This is an image of Daniel Burge (left) and Roberto Saba (right) on the dais.
Daniel Burge (left) and Roberto Saba (right)


On Monday, March 27, 2017, The University of Alabama Department of History hosted a conference entitled “Dreams of Dominion; The U.S. South and Latin America.” The event featured two panels, the first, “Slavery and its Legacy,” with Martha S. Santos, Chase McCarter, David. C. Lafevor, and moderated by Professor John Giggie, and the second, “Expansion,” with Roberto Saba, Daniel Burge, and moderated by Professor Lesley Gordon. The event ended with a keynote lecture by David Lafevor entitled, “The Slave Ship Ciceròn and the Argüelles Affair.”

This is an image of David C. LaFevor speaking before the audience.
Keynote Speaker
David C. LaFevor

On Tuesday, an addition luncheon and lecture was hosted by the History Department with faculty, students, and the speakers from the previous day’s event.

Other sponsors for this event included the Charles G. Summersell Chair of Southern History; the Summersell Center for the Study of the South; the Department of History; Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies; New College; the Department of American Studies; and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The department is proud to have been a part of such an interesting and successful event. Thank you to all who were involved!