Dr. Margaret Peacock Wins Outstanding Commitment to Advising Award

Margaret Peacock holding a plaque recognizing her for this award, accompanied by President Stuart BellAssociate Professor Dr. Margaret Peacock was recognized by The University of Alabama Academic Advisors Association (UA-AAA) as the recipient of the 2021-2022 Outstanding Commitment to Advising Award at the Fall Campus Assembly on October 26.

Though often overlooked or dismissed in the wider crush of university teaching and research, advising students is a vital part of what faculty do from week to week. “Advising is one of the rare times each semester when History students have a chance to sit down with History professors and talk candidly about life, their studies, the field of History, and their future,” Peacock explained. “Each student has a unique story that is worth hearing, and each student has a path that they are struggling to find.” Dr. Peacock’s commitment to each student as an individual, and to providing each with what they need—from general support and kindness to detailed, expert advice—is at the heart of this well-deserved recognition.

Dr. Peacock has served as the Department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies since 2018. In that capacity she has general responsibility for managing the affairs of the department’s undergraduate student population, including over 400 majors and 200 minors, as well as leadership and management of the department’s complex routines of course scheduling, registration, and student advising.

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