Department Celebrates Professor George McClure’s Career

Dr. George McClure has taught at The University of Alabama for more than thirty years, where he has taught innumerable students in our own department, as well as in the Honors College and Blount programs. Dr. McClure is a scholar of the Renaissance, and has also taught courses on the Reformation and environmental history. Beloved by students and colleagues alike, Dr. McClure is both an accomplished scholar and a gifted teacher.

His retirement party at ten Hoor was bittersweet and full of laughter. Old friends from within the department and others joined together in a lively roast, highlighting his career, mentorship, achievements at squash playing, sense of humor, and friendship. In the final speech of the evening, Dr. Mixson led the room in a scholastic disputation over the question of whether “old professors will be missed,” coming to a final conclusion that, yes, the Department will greatly miss Dr. McClure. We hope that he finds enjoyment and relaxation as he transitions into retirement!