Department Celebrates Dr. Teresa Cribelli’s New Book

Photo of Teresa Cribelli in front of the traditional cake that is shaped like a book.The History Department came together on Thursday, September 22, to celebrate the publication of Dr. Teresa Cribelli’s new book, Industrial Forests and Mechanical Marvels: Modernization in the Nineteenth Century, published this year by Cambridge University Press.

The book presents an account of modernization and innovation in nineteenth-century Brazil. Unlike previous scholarship, which described these transformations as a North American or European import, Cribelli’s work places Brazilian actors at the center of her narrative, illuminating a distinctly Brazilian view of modernization.

Steven Bunker stands at the end of the table in the Summersell Room to present Cribelli's book.Dr. Steve Bunker, who spoke at the event, noted that Cribelli used an impressive variety of sources from archives in the United States and Brazil, which allowed her to overturn long-held assumptions about postcolonial nation-building and economic develop.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Cribelli on this impressive achievement!