Crimson Historical Review Continues to Grow

This past year, staff at the Crimson Historical Review transformed sixty-plus submissions into their most enterprising set of issues to date.

In the spring, exceptional authors from across the US combined with CHR review board and copy editors to produce, then perfect, articles examining topics as broad as alcohol consumption in Nazi-occupied areas to masculinity in the Black Panther Party.

They also marked important firsts for the CHR, centering novel inquiry on The University of Alabama’s relationship with race — namely, its complicity in slavery and segregation — and reviewing two recently-published monographs.

And, as the CHR prepared this standard, semesterly edition, an additional publication route proved necessary. Thus was born the journal’s inaugural special issue: “20th Century: Global War and Celebrity” — a unique collection of perspectives on a transformational period’s two defining features.

Every piece published in these volumes was based upon a profound research question, well-situated in its historiography, and clearly and cogently argued: as brilliant, in other words, as each person whose efforts guarantee the CHR’s continued success.

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