Cappello, Brock, and Smith interview Bill Baxley

Lawrence Capello, Julia Brock, and Andrew Smith, interview Bill Baxley
L-R: Brock, Baxley, Cappello, and Smith

Drs. Lawrence Cappello and Julia Brock, along with History triple-major Andrew Smith, interviewed Bill Baxley this week for the Birmingham Bar Association (BBA). Baxley is a University of Alabama graduate and a former Attorney General (1971-1979) and Lt. Governor (1983-1987) for Alabama. His tenure as A.G. is particularly noteworthy for his prosecution Civil Rights cold cases, including the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, and creating the state’s first environmental protection unit. The interview is the first in a series conducted by History faculty and students on behalf of the BBA. The project is one of the many ways we connect our students to diverse ways of being a historian–and to the people who have made history in our state.