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History Undergraduates Score Outstanding Research Award

Two of our History majors – Molly Buffington and Margaret Lawson – recently received the prestigious Randall Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, which recognizes undergraduate students who are involved in innovative research around campus. Margaret was recognized for her project “History of Us: Empowering High School Students to Confront the Legacy of Lynching.” Under the guidance of Dr. John Giggie, she worked to integrate new research on lynching in the American South into high school history curriculum. Molly Buffington was also […]

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Undergraduate Researches Lutheran Liturgies

Molly Buffington, a History major in her junior year at UA, is writing an honor’s thesis on Lutheran liturgies, and the ways that theology about the sacrament was communicated to the congregation through these songs. German liturgical texts in the 16th and 17th centuries, though often overlooked in historical scholarship on the Protestant Reformation, reflected ongoing debates about developing Lutheran theology, specifically understandings of the Eucharist. These songs were a vital way to impart information about Lutheran belief and practice […]

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