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Lesley J. Gordon

Photo of Lesley J. Gordon

Juan Ponce-Vazquez

Di Luo

Dr. Di Luo

Sarah Steinbock-Pratt

Sarah Steinbock-Pratt

Erik Peterson

Left side of Erik Peterson

Sharony A. Green

This image is a profile picture of Sharony Green.

Janek Wasserman

Jenny Shaw

Harold E. Selesky

Joshua D. Rothman

Photo of Dr. Joshua Rothman, chair of the department

Daniel Riches

George C. Rable

Margaret Peacock

George McClure

Lisa Lindquist-Dorr

I consider myself a historian of southern women, and I use gender and race as analytical categories in all of my courses. My current research explores the extent to which changes in popular culture in the 1920s filtered down to women, both black and white, in the South. I am using the lens of alcohol […]