The Crimson Historical Review Gains National Attention

Crimson Historical Review LogoThe Crimson Historical Review is fast becoming one of the premier undergraduate historical journals in the country. Last semester’s issue was characteristically ambitious, with over a hundred pages of robust scholarship drawn from a diverse body of undergraduates, from Alabama, Yale, Washington University in St. Louis, West Point, Pacific Lutheran, and Swarthmore.

For the current edition, fifty-five authors from around the globe have submitted their work, the most the CHR has ever received. The work is pored over by dozens of UA students, led by the executive and review board members John Pace, Logan Goulart, Lily Mears, John French, and Jodi Vadinsky, under the guidance of Dr. Margaret Peacock, the faculty advisor.

The Crimson Historical Review is not only a pioneering on-campus project, but also a nationally-recognized voice for undergraduate historical research. You can find the latest issue at