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Medieval Conference a Success

October 2018, the Department of History at The University of Alabama partnered with the University of Dresden to present the conference “Religious Life, Elites, and Medieval Culture.” The conference ran from 17-20 October and included speakers from across the U.S. and Europe discussing the identity and significance of elites in the Medieval context. The conference was organized by our own Dr. James Mixson and Dresden’s Prof. Gert Melville, who led the opening talk and closing roundtable. Dr. John Van Engen […]

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Religious Life, Elites, and Medieval Culture Conference

  An International Conference Hosted by The University of Alabama, in Partnership with the University of Dresden   October 17-20, 2018 THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Tuscaloosa, Alabama       For a thousand years and more, from the sixth to the sixteenth century and beyond, monks, nuns, canons, friars, and others under religious vows stood at the pinnacle of Western European society. For their learning, piety, and expertise, and for their embodiment of Christian ideals and values, they were accorded […]

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