Spring 2020 Edition of Historically Speaking Published Electronically

This image is the front cover of the newsletter. It has a crimson headliner and warm gray side bar.Last week the Department of History published its Spring 2020 edition of Historically Speaking completely electronically. Though we’ve always made an electronic edition available online, we’ve focused our spring efforts on a print edition for Honor’s Day, traditionally. The ongoing COVID-19 National Emergency forced us to change those plans, like it has so much else in our daily lives.

Nevertheless, the department and the university continue to move forward and we’re delighted to share the accomplishments of our students, alumni, and faculty.

For a fast-loading, lower-quality version of the newsletter follow this link. For a print quality version of the newsletter follow this link.

If you did not receive a copy of the newsletter via email that means you’re not on our contact list. If you would like to receive limited emails from the department let us know by emailing us at history@ua.edu.