Military, American, and European History Roundtables/Workshops

All sessions meet at 3pm in the Summersell Room, 251 ten Hoor.

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Upcoming Sessions:

  • September 6: MHR – Mark Folse: “Damage Control: The Hispaniola Occupation’s Impact on the Marine Corps Image, 1915-1924.”
  • September 13: EHW – John Beeler: “Alexander and Effie: Love and Intimacy in a Victorian Scots Gentry Family—A Research Proposal.”
  • September 20: AHW – Megan Bever: “Martial and Moral Heroes: Duty and Drinking Among Civil War Officers.”
  • September 27: Joint Session – Roundtable Discussion: Academic Failures and How to Deal with Them.
  • October 4: AHW – Briana Royster: “Constructing a New Image: The Social Lives of Alabama’s African American College Women in the 1920s.”
  • October 11: EHW – Neil Hillis: “Socio-Political Change Seen Through Artistic Representations of Renaissance Battle and Warfare.”
  • October 18: MHR – TBC
  • October 25: AHW – Sarah Baumann: “Racialized Psychology: Imagined Disorder and the Enslaved, 1830-1863.”