Margaret Lawson

Margaret Lawson


  • Southern History



  • BA, The University of Alabama, 2019

Research Interests

  • Racial Violence in the New South

Current Projects

  • Alabama Memory, West Side Scholars Academy, History of Us: Research African American History in Tuscaloosa.

Biographical Background

  • Ms. Margaret Lawson is continuing her Masters in Teacher Education as well as entering the first year of her Masters in History program full-time at The University of Alabama in fall 2020. In 2019, as part of her graduate studies, Ms. Lawson was awarded a Community Engagement Graduate Fellowship from the Center for Community-Based Partnerships to work alongside Dr. John Giggie, Associate Professor of Southern History and Director of the Summersell Center for the Study of the South, and multiple community partners, including the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Task Force, Stillman College, and Central High School, to create “History of Us,” a course inspired by the work of the Equal Justice Initiative and designed to train high school students to become producers of history as they explore the legacy of lynching and racial violence in their community. In 2020, Dr. Giggie and Ms. Lawson have continued their work to develop community-driven education at the secondary-level while also continuing to expand their work with undergraduates—their premier project being the effort to document the over 400 lives lost to lynching in Alabama on the digital memorialization website,; Each of these projects reimagines what it means to teach engaging, culturally responsive, and inclusive southern history, and Ms. Lawson hopes to share this curriculum and its core values as a model for educators across the South.