Dr. Laura Mammina

Laura Mammina

Specialty Fields: 19th-Century South, Civil War
PhD, The University of Alabama, 2017
MA, The University of Alabama, 2011
BA, cum laude, University of Washington, 2007

Research Interests

  • Nineteenth-century United States
  • Nineteenth-century South
  • Antebellum
  • U.S. Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • Gender
  • Race

Recent Publications

  • “Graceless Yankee Tramps and Secesh She-Devils: Union Soldiers and Confederate Women in Middle Tennessee,” in Tennessee Women: Their Lives, Their Times, vol. II, eds. Beverly Greene Bond and Sarah Wilkerson Freeman (Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, forthcoming July 2015): 92-120.
  • The World of the Civil War: A Daily Life Encyclopedia, Lisa Tendrich Frank, ed. (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO/Greenwood, forthcoming July 2015), s.v. “Young Women.”

Current Projects

  • A dissertation entitled “The Homefront as Battlefront: Interactions between Union Soldiers and Southern Women during the American Civil War,” which studies the everyday dealings of soldiers and southern women throughout the course of the war while connecting these relationships to the Union Army’s evolving war aims and civilian policy.