Daniel J. Burge

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Dr. Daniel J. Burge

Specialty Fields:
MA – University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2011
PhD – The University of Alabama, 2017

Research Interests

  • 19th-Century U.S. History
  • American Imperialism
  • Antebellum American Humor

Research Publications

  • “A Somewhat Forgotten President: The Legacy of James K. Polk.” Werehistory.org. November 2, 2015. http://werehistory.org/polk/
  • “Senator Graves’s Speech: Dixie Bibb Graves and the Changing Conception of ‘The Southern Lady’,” The Alabama Review 66 (October 2013): 253-277.

Current Projects

  • I am currently working on my dissertation, tentatively entitled “Contesting Destiny: Opposition to Manifest Destiny, 1846-1872.” My work examines opposition to manifest destiny and the ways in which the opponents of manifest destiny appealed to the American public, beginning in the Oregon Debate of 1846 and ending in the attempt to annex Santo Domingo (1872). I am interested in opposition to imperialism, broadly defined, and especially how individuals utilized humor to offset and counteract the arguments of the imperialists.