Public History

Public History

Tuscaloosa, The Nineteenth Century City

“Tuscaloosa, The Nineteenth Century City,” is a short film by ten students enrolled in HY 300: The Nineteenth Century City at The University of Alabama.

Their instructor, Assistant History Professor Sharony Green, challenged them to find “the nineteenth-century city” in Tuscaloosa. Each student conducted research and became an “expert” on a local building. This film is the culmination of their efforts.

Former Assistant Professor Bart Elmore, who spins vinyl as a hobby, did the soundtrack for this project.

Watch the film on YouTube.

View The Crimson White‘s coverage of the event.

A History of Games: Game Archive

Taught by Dr. Erik Peterson, HY 300-013: A History of Games examined particular games and game genres in their historical context using a case study format. This course focused on “board” and “video” games—those of chance and skill as opposed to physical games and sports.

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