Matteo  Zengaro

Matteo Zengaro


  • United States History
  • European History



  • BA, Delta State University, 2019

Research Interests

  • Film history/popular culture
  • Sports history
  • Modern Italian history, with a focus on the formation of the Second Republic

Recent Publications/Presentations

  • The Psychology of Vietnam Veterans’ Reintegration into Society and the Reshaping of Public Memory. August, 2020. APA Annual National Convention (virtual poster session).
  • Abuse and Denial: Racism in Italian Professional Soccer (Abuso e Negazione: Razzismo nel Calcio Italiano). November, 2020. SAMLA 92 (2020 virtual panel discussion).
  • Soccer in Cleveland: Community Building Through Soccer. March, 2020. Discerning Voices Symposium (poster presentation).

Current Projects

  • Soccer in Cleveland (documentary short film). Director, Amazon Prime Video.
  • The Bocce Game (documentary short film). Director, Amazon Prime Video.