Emma  Pepperman

Emma Pepperman


  • Southern History



  • BA, The University of Alabama, 2018

Research Interests

  • Rhetoric of justice in the New South
  • Religious involvement in lynching
  • The role of white women in lynch culture
  • Aiding the current attempt to name and humanize all lynching victims
  • Laborers experiences on sugar and rice plantations in Southern Louisiana

Current Projects

  • Forthcoming: with John Giggie, “Lynching in the South.” In the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History, ed. Jon Butler (New York: Oxford University Press).
  • Forthcoming: “Previous Archaeological Investigations of Sugar Mills in Southern Louisiana.” In edited volume, Archaeological Mitigations of the Dunboyne Sugar Mill (16IV204) in Iberville Parish Louisiana. Project conducted by TerraXplorations, Inc., Tuscaloosa. Project conducted for Shintech Plant, Plaquemine, Louisiana (2020).