Marcus M. Witcher

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Marcus M. Witcher

PhD Candidate (directed by David T. Beito and Kari Frederickson)

Specialty Fields: U.S. History, European History (1648 to the present)
MA – University of Alabama, 2013
BA – University of Central Arkansas, 2011

Research Interests

  • Twentieth Century American Conservatism; political, economic, and intellectual history 1920 to the present.

Recent Publications

  • with David T. Beito, “‘New Deal Witch Hunt’: The Buchanan Committee Investigation of the Committee for Constitutional Government,” Independent Review 21 (Summer 2016): 47-71.
  • “Two Visions, One Future: How Neoconservative Preemptive War Isolated Libertarians,” The Journal of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom, 3 (Summer 2014): 57-67.
  • “Political Entrepreneurship: Jefferson, Bayard, and the Election of 1800,” Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy 4 (2015): 298-312.
  • “Taking a Little off the Top: How Henry VIII and Edward VI Destroyed the Value of England’s Currency,” The Journal of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom, 2 (December 2013): 69-81.
  • “From Prosperity to Poverty: The Story of American Economic Decline During the 1920s,” The Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 14 (October 2013): 79-87.

Current Projects

  • I am currently working on my dissertation “Getting Right With Reagan: The Evolution of Conservative Perception of the Fortieth President, 1980-2016,” which reveals the divisions within the conservative movement during that time period. “Getting Right With Reagan” also explores how conservatives reinterpreted the Reagan presidency, and the man himself, from 1992 to the present.